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Online Library and Photograph Catalog

The Manchester Historic Association’s online catalog, which is updated on a continuing basis. The catalog includes most of the photograph collection and book catalog. The listings regarding materials contained in the archives collections, however, are incomplete. It is recommended that you contact the MHA staff to inquire about what may be available regarding your research topic. The online catalog includes the Manchester Historic Association’s postcard collection. You can search archive records for “postcard” to see over 900 images of historic postcards of Manchester, including images of the Amoskeag Manufacturing Company, city buildings and churches, street views, Pine Island Park, Lake Massabesic, and much more.

Amoskeag Manufacturing Company Records

The largest collection at the Manchester Historic Association is the records of the Amokseag Manufacturing Company, the textile mill that defined the city for many years. Included are accounting records, engineering reports, correspondence, production records, and fabric sample books, as well as documentation for the locomotives and steam fire engines produced by the Amoskeag Machine Shop. Beginning in 1911, there are employment cards for each person who worked in the mills which provide information about the person’s age, address, and job.

Manchester School Register Collection

This collection was donated to the MHA by the City of Manchester and consists of 575 bound volumes of school registers documenting student attendance at Manchester’s public schools from the mid-1800s to the late 1960s. In addition to student names, many registers contain additional information including age, address, absence/tardy log, cancellations and delays, honor roll, and visitor logs. Click here to view a guide to the collection.

Goodwin Funeral Home Death Records 1920-1969

The Goodwin Funeral Home, one of the oldest operating funeral homes in Manchester, recently donated their death return records to the Manchester Historic Association. These documents record information about individuals whose funerals were managed by the Goodwin Funeral Home, spanning the years 1874 to 1969. Information includes date and place of death, residence at time of death, cause of death, occupation, names of parents, and place of internment.

This valuable resource has been digitized through a generous anonymous gift to the MHA. Since that time, MHA volunteers have been developing a finding aid, organized alphabetical by last name, but which can also be searched by first name and, when applicable, maiden name. A finding aid for all death returns from 1920 to 1969 has been completed and can now be accessed from our website by clicking here.

Please be aware that this continues to be a work in progress and the finding aid will be expanded as more years are completed. If you have any questions or would like a digital copy of a specific death return listed in the finding aid, please email


New Hampshire Labor Review Finding Aid

The MHA archives includes a bound volume of issues of the New Hampshire Labor Review, Vol. 6, No. 12 (November 1929) through Vol. 8, No. 11 (October 1931). The Labor Review was a monthly magazine for employees of the Amoskeag Manufacturing Company. Each issue contains ”Amoskeag News” with reports about employees in various departments, as well as numerous advertisements and various articles. Finding aids have been created for each of the three types of articles contained in the Review. Click below to access these finding aids. Items are arranged chronologically by issue, but can be searched by name.

Amoskeag Employee News Finding Aid

Articles Finding Aid

Advertisements Finding Aid

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