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Group Educational Programs for Children

Visit the Millyard Museum to bring history to life for your students! The Manchester Historic Association provides educational programs that enhance classroom learning. Topics explored in the Millyard Museum include Native Peoples, early European settlement, the textile industry, waterpower, labor struggles, immigration, child labor, inventors and inventions, etc.

Programs are adaptable for grades K-12. The programs may be used to enliven studies of science, literature, social studies, mathematics, and art. They are appropriate for public and private schools, camp groups, home school groups and Scout troups. Each program is adaptable to your needs. If there is a topic your group would like to further explore, we would be happy to discuss how we can incorporate that topic into your program. For suggested reading to do with your class prior to your visit, take a look at our lists here:

Elementary School Suggested Reading
Middle and High School Suggested Reading

For more information about school programs, please call Kristy Ellsworth, Museum Educator at (603) 622-7531, ext. 303.

Fees for school and camp groups:

  • $8 per student and chaperone for one program
  • $12 per student and chaperone for any two programs
  • Free for teachers and camp counselors
    **Please note that these fees have changed.

Fees for homeschool groups and Scout troops:

  • $8 per student and parent for one program
  • $12 per student and parent for any two programs
  • Free for one leader per group
  • Toddler family members are welcome, free of charge
    **Please note that these fees have changed.

Please note: As homeschool groups tend to be smaller, there is a $50 minimum fee for programs.

General Information:

  • School programs are available Tuesday-Saturday, 10 a.m.-4 p.m.
  • Advance reservations for programs are required.
  • Allow 1½ hours per program scheduled.
  • School programs are designed for a minimum of 10 students and a maximum of 35.
  • Larger groups can be split into to 2 programs occuring simultaneously.
  • Please arrange to have one chaperone for every eight children.
  • Indoor space is available for eating bag lunches if requested in advance.
  • The Museum Shop features many inexpensive items for children.

Each of these 1½ hour Gallery Tours in the Millyard Museum may be combined with a Walking Tour.

‘100 Years Ago’ Gallery Tour Program

Discover what it was like to live and work in Manchester 100 years ago! This interactive program allows students to work together as they explore the museum. Students will work in small teams to answer a series of questions, as they become experts on one gallery. The teams will then present their findings to their classmates as the tour guide leads them through the museum, providing additional information. Topics covered in this program are waterpower and the building of the mills, textiles, child labor, housing, inventions, and immigration.

This program fulfills the following NH State Standards: EC: 1, 3; HI: 4, 5; WH: 5

A Child’s Life in Industrial New Hampshire

Learn about children growing up in 19th and early 20th century New Hampshire. Try typical activities a child might do related to work, chores, school, and leisure. Students work in small groups as they complete tasks at different stations using artifacts and primary resources. Concepts explored include child labor, labor struggles, cotton production, immigration, home life, and urban developement. This program can be adapted for grades K-8.

This program fulfills the following NH State Standards: HI: 4, 5; WH: 5

The Lego Millyard Project: Exploring the Millyard through Legos

A hands-on program that focuses on various aspects of the Amoskeag Manufacturing Company and the industrialization through the use of LEGO Bricks. Students assemble a “blind build” element from SEE Science Center’s Famous Lego Millyard Project, and then discuss and explore what they just created. This program can accomodate 30 students, any larger groups will be split up into 2 sessions.

This 1 to 1½ hour walking tour may be paired with a Gallery Tour. In poor weather an indoor program may be substituted for the walking tour.

Millyard Discovery: Exploring a New Hampshire Industrial City

Walk with a guide through the Amoskeag Manufacturing Company Millyard and along the Merrimack River to find out what made this planned industrial city tick. Survey the area’s unique architectural and structural heritage. The construction of mills, canals, dams, and railroads supported the growth of industry along the river, making the Amoskeag Millyard one of the largest textile mill complexes in the world. Also, see where mill employees lived and worked.

This program fulfills the following NH State Standards: EC: 3.1; HI: 4, 5

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